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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Support our troops, President Bush

Dear President Bush,

Why did you approve a 100 billion dollar wartime budget, while in the same week, CUT 25 BILLION dollars out of Veteran benefits and medical benefits? How can you justify sending these young men over there to fight and die, and then screw them like this? All I'm asking is that you support our troops, President Bush.

As someone who respects and admires those who have served our country, I am greatly offended by this. I think that if they were willing to go over, and fight your war, they deserve some kind of retribution, some kind of reward. Your actions of cutting their benefits are a literal slap in their face.

The majority of Gulf War and Vietnam veterans I have talked to told me that they were pretty much screwed by the Veterans Association. One Gulf War veteran even reported being "experiemented on" by the State Department. Many of them went to the VA and reported symptons of "Gulf Syndrome", and yet many were turned down, left out in the rain to fend for themselves, disabled. As of your recent Veterans benefits slash, now the veterans of our past wars can't get as much of the benefits they deserve as previously.

How dare you call yourself patriotic, when you take these kind of actions. You have become a traitor to those men who call themselves WARRIORS and were willing to fight and die for you. Why didn't you proudly announce your 25 billion dollar budget cut from the Veteran Benefits as proudly as you annuonced your declaration of war on Iraq?

And how in the world can you possibly justify fighting for "democracy" in another country when your renegade Justice Department and John Ashcroft are destroying our Bill of Rights, our Constitution? What about 9-11, and the investigation? Why has your adminstration been uncooperative with the investigation? What are yall afraid of? Or more like, what is it that you all are hiding?

America doesn't need you, or want you. Please step down from office in 2004.


Feel free to distribute this letter over the internet

Monday, June 02, 2003


You see, they call me Morpheous. and it is time, that you all began the fight
to free the minds of the people who are locked into this fascist
system, by exposing the truth to them. This is no joke, it is
very scary how similar our real world, and the Matrix are sometimes.
It is like our entire society is brainwashed, and until we free them
from those lies, they are against us, these are the very people we
are trying to set free. I once read this prophet's words, they
were "World War 3 will be an information battle, an info war". That
is so true, and we must work our asses off to educate, and truly free
these people's minds from the lies they have accepted as truth.

We must all make a serious effort to go into the places where
the ignorant masses are at, like these Republican, Conservative, Bush
groups and message boards. Like the Matrix, this is an information war that is
fought over the electronic medium. Every mind we free, that is one
more on our side, one less on theirs. And yet, we have the power,
because we are fighting an information war against REAL people, not
machines or robots. So, this is what we should do. We need a few VERY
WELL INFORMED people to get together, and write an essay or document
that shows their plan, and how big this "conspiracy" really is, and
every aspect of it as well. I leave this task up to yall. Keep on
strong, we are making a real difference, each and every one of us.
Together, united, we will free the minds of the ignorant and
brainwashed, and we will regain the FREEDOM that has been stolen from

Thank you,

Land of the Free?

You think your living in the "land of the free"? The freest country in the world? Then how come you can smoke pot in Amsterdam, but if you do it here you will get arrested? How come you can freely speak your mind without fear of retaliation in Europe, but in America there is a paranoia about due to the tyrannical government, and the fascist organizations within.

Anyone who has blindly bought into society's lies is a fool. We should feel compassion for them, for they are blind and destined to live a miserable live. We should work to help free people's minds from the lies they have been fed since they were born. America is a righteous nation? BULLSHIT! Our own CIA created bin laden, and Donald Rumsfeld was the man who sold Iraq its "weapons of mass destruction".
America is the home of the free? BULLSHIT! John Ashcroft and Geroge Bush are destroying our Constitution at an alarming rate.
America is home of the brave? BULLSHIT! Dropping bombs out of planes from 10,000 feet up is our definition of "bravery".
America never lies. BULLSHIT! Where are the weapons? Where is Osama? Where is Saddam?
Free press? DOUBLE BULLSHIT! Our entire media system is own by six media conglomerates that TELLS you only what BIG BROTHER wants you to hear.

The definition of patriotism in our country is "be silent and ask no questions". That was the same attitude people had back in 1930s Germany, and look where they ended up. Why is Bush and his adminstration trying to cover up 9-11 so bad? What do they have to hide? More like, WHAT is it that they ARE hiding.

It is the people's DUTY to hold their government accountable. Well, the American people have failed MISERABLY at this duty. Our leaders are out of control. They serve the corporations, not the American people. One nation under Wall Street, not one nation under god.
The ignorance of the majority of the american people is due to the corporate monopoly of our media system. BUT, I sense that a mass awakening has taken place, that MILLIONS of people have woken up from the lies they have been fed. I see it on a daily basis, its hard to find even ONE Bush supporter out there, and that is with good reason. What kind of person would support someone who has waged an ILLEGAL war AGAINST world opinion, and is destroying our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights? I have one answer to that question.

Only an ignorant FOOL would support someone like that. Someone who has been brainwashed by the corporate media, someone who has been fed lies their entire life, and is too closed minded to break free of the prison that he has created for himself.

Why do you think they are busy destroying the Constitution? They are preparing for a police state, because they realize that people are starting to wake up, and realize the truth about our government. They realize that sooner or later there will be a social uprising, and a police state is the only way to control it, and keep themselves in power. So, we must work to stop this fascism NOW, before it is too late!

People, it is time we held our leaders accountable for their actions. We must all work together to reform our system, and make it accountable to the PEOPLE, not the CORPORATE AND RICH ELITE!

The author of this article welcomes your comments at Muscles598@yahoo.com

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Most people are covered in ignorance, and therefore blissful at times. It is only when you strive to break free of this ignorance that you realize that there is an inherit unhappiness to human life, in our present mind states. Once you start down the path of self realization, you probably won't become instantly happy, but you will realize that "life means suffering". Lost souls is what we are, and those who are searching for the truth, they are the ones who are on the path of freedom, not all these "sucessful" people in our society like rich people. They are just as unhappy as we are. This world and society offers no answers, and people are finally starting to wake up, and look within. They have finally realized that nothing outside of themselves can fulfill them. But, i think our culture is moving in the right direction, finally there is a movement of spirituality which will hopefully serve to awaken us all. The Buddha's first teaching was simply "Life means suffering"

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The definition of Kali-age really fits this age, the age of hypocrisy and quarrel, but i was reading the Gita, and it said- The beings on the higher planets have much longer lifespans- but you got to think about this. say an ant looks at us. It would think of humans as immortal, since an ant's life span is probably around a week or so, and here we are, living for 70 years. Time is relative, and I think that how they say thousands of years, they meant thousands of years in God's time, but in our time, that time doesn't appear to be thousands of years. The spiritual revival started in the 60s, and it is growing. I mean, look around and you will see, ads for Yoga classes and New Age lookin shit. 100 years ago, this kind of stuff would have been heresay and you would have been outcast. The world is changing, and I truly believe a new age is coming. The world wants peace, that is apparent due to the MASS protests worldwide. The people's job now is to change their governments and make them a government of MORAL men, not crooks and theives. Many souls decided to be a part of this specific age because they said this will be a time of mass spiritual growth. Anyway you see it, our world is changing for the better, because people have decided to start being open minded, and questioning things. Organized religion curses this "new age" stuff, because it is a threat to their power, and their control. It is not evil, it is a threat to their control, so they label it "evil". I say it is about time that mankind started casting off that which controls them, and keeps them closed minded and fearful.
But, I think all religions offer something, or otherwise they wouldn't have such a huge following. I think we can learn from all religions, I know i sure have.

Heres a news article. Study: Meditation Cultivates Calmness, Positive Emotions http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=570&ncid=753&e=1&u=/nm/20030521/sc_nm/health_buddhists_dc

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

We are no where near purity and enlightenment. Kali-yuga is said to last for many thousands of years; we are only nearing the peak now and far from it. Still I say, our age is the most interesting, mainly because we live so short life spans and have created so many useless mechanisms and trinkets. Who cares? I don't; I am not being a 'bitch' I am only detached, and "nearing the peak", I have only now realised this and am still far from it. Look for god in all things, and you will find Him.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Humanity is on the verge of its evolution. The evolution I speak of is the evolution of the individual's soul. We are in a new age, and it's already happening. This will be an age of enlightment and awakening. Timothy Leary said "It is the age where mankind will learn to use their own brains, and to question authority. The authority (religious, political leaders) wish to control you, they wish to TELL YOU what to think, HOW to think. I say this, CAST OFF any beliefs or concepts that were born out of fear, that they put in your head.

The buddha said to "trust yourself, and do not accept anything if it goes against your common sense". We are our own best teachers, we do not need these fools who wish to control us, out of their lust to keep themselves in power.
Greed, anger, pride MUST be cast off if humanity wishes to evolve. We must lose all judgement (Judge not lest ye be judged -Jesus) and truly awaken the wisdom that lies within ourselves. The reason our society and world is so unhappy and miserable is because we have almost totally neglected the spirit and focused purely on the physical and material.

Look within. All organized churches and religions will tell you NO, that is not the way. They will tell you "humanity is evil, looking within, searching within yourself, is wrong." They say that because they want to CONTROL you, control your mind. The last half of the 20th century was just the beginning of this age of enlightment. Mankind will greatly evolve in these next few hundred years. We must cast off EVERYTHING which impedes our progress, our growth, our awakening. We must each make the effort to purify our lives, and ourselves. Through this mass spiritual awakening, our spirits will evolve greatly.

Another evolution of the human race will begin when we stop MURDERING animals for food. Our "advanced" civilization is nothing more than a bunch of blood thirsty animals that call themselves human. How can we consider ourselves smarter, or more advanced than animals? Animals kill each other because they don't know any better. If we insist on being ignorant as well, we will pay the price. For more info about a vegan diet, please, PLEASE go to www.goveg.com
The sooner humanity will evolve will be when we start asking questions, and quit blindly accepting everything we have been fed by the authority. Once people start thinking for themselves, our progress and growth will be unlimited.

This is the most exciting time to ever be alive, so be thankful. This is truly the early stages of an age of pure enlightment, of wisdom, and it will resemble NOTHING like the age we are beginning to cast off, the age of ignorance and hypocrisy.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

OK, for all the atheists out there, who are probably atheist just because they had a bad experience with Christianity, here goes. What is the difference between a living body and a dead body? That spark of life, which we would call the soul. If a body is just a body, then why can't you inject chemicals into the body and make them come back to life?
And for evolution. The theory states that nonliving matter created living, conscious matter. Where did the nonliving matter come from in the first place? Life comes from life, not from matter. The "life force" is the soul, eternal, never dying. If conscious beings can be created from matter, than why doesn't ants rise up from dust? Life comes from life, the mother and the father, both living, create a living child. A child is not just created from dust. The reason many atheists do not think there is a god, is because they have not sought him, or tried to seek him. The more this world decends into godlessness, the worse the world will become. All religious texts state this, and so would common sense. Mankind is so advanced, that now instead of killing men with spears, we can kill men with technology, machine guns and such. The only thing we are advancing towards is our own extinction, and we must turn back now, and cast off the ignorance, and maybe our existence will be spared. By the way, give me 500 bucks and I'll get you to heaven.
Maybe we can find a devotee at temple who will guide us, at least fora while. Yes? I'll see ya later Corey boy! Hare Krsna~ -Yaya Xochitl
All I can say is this. Go out and buy a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, the one that Prapabuda or whatever wrote. To truly accelarate your spiritual wisdom, I would say, cut out all the bull, and just read the holy books. The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, jewish books and buddhist texts. There is one book called The Teachings of Buddha, it pretty much sums up all of his wisdom. Oh yea, remember- Sacred cows make the best hamburgers. PEACE!

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